About the Speers Gallery

Kennebunk Free Library provides space for art exhibits. Exhibit materials may be organized and presented by the Library, members of the community, and not-for-profit groups within the guidelines set forth in the Exhibit Policy below. The gallery has been host to a variety of mediums including photography, textile arts and mixed media assemblages in addition to renditions in oil, pastel, pen and ink, and watercolor.


In 2011, the gallery in Hank's Room was named the Speers Gallery in honor of Mike Speers, former Library Trustee and Friend of the Library, who was the inspiration of the Gallery.

Current Exhibit

March 4-29: “Healing Through Nature & Photography”  by Alexsandra Jean


The Speers Gallery at the Kennebunk Free Library presents the photography exhibit “Healing Through Nature & Photography”  by Alexsandra Jean of Kennebunk. The exhibit will be on display from March 4 - 29, 2024. The public is invited to a reception on Saturday, March 9 from 2-4 pm.


 “My journey in photography began in November 2021 as a refuge for the tragic loss of my sister, her husband, and a dear friend. Overwhelmed by grief, a turning point came with the gift of a Canon T2 camera from a friend, urging me into the outdoors.


I discovered a connection to nature in the marshes and trails, capturing the beauty of birds and wildlife. Nature's sanctuary not only fostered my creativity but played a crucial role in my healing and mental well-being. Gratitude fills my heart as I embark on this photographic odyssey, aiming to share my experiences and inspire others through the lens. Each photograph represents a step from grief to joy.


Maine, with its abundant marshes, trails, and natural habitats, serves as a rich tapestry for capturing the diverse wildlife and birds that grace the region—Ospreys, great blue herons, egrets, eagles, northern harriers, owls, red foxes, gray foxes, deer and coyotes. Beyond the borders of my home state, my travels take me to national parks and wildlife refuges, offering encounters with species not found in Maine. I currently use a Canon R6 camera with a 100 - 500 mm lens.

There is still so much to learn and explore.


After decades as a civil engineer designer, I am now blessed with the freedom to explore my passion. I find solace and purpose in the world of wildlife photography.


Even beyond the realm of photography, my love for nature persists. Paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking remain my favored activities, reflecting a deep connection to the great outdoors. At home here in Kennebunk, surrounded by my two feline companions, I find joy in the art of  pie baking , a passion that bloomed during the time I owned my own pie shop in the Pacific Northwest.


It is an honor to have my work on display here at the Kennebunk Free Library. “

Speers Gallery Artists for 2024

Speers Gallery Exhibit Schedule 2024






January 2024

Kathie Mahoney

“Coming Full Circle”

Watercolor & Mixed Media


February 2024

Maryfrances Smith

“Barn Quilts: An Interior View”

Acrylics on Board & Canvas


March 2024

Alexsandra Jean

Healing Through Nature & Photography



April 2024


Creative Eight Quilters

“What Friendship Looks Like in Fabric”

Fiber Art


May 2024

The New School

(Details TBA)


June 2024

L. Randal Boyd

“Seeking the Quiet Within”

Oils, Stabilo Graphite, Prints


July 2024

Helen Olson

“Reimagining Reality”



August 2024

Laima Vince

“Landscape of the Imagination”

Oil & Gouache


September 2024

KFL Kids' Projects

(Details TBA)


October 2024

KFL Staff

(Details TBA)


November 2024

Sally Berry Glenn

“Coastal Maine Oil Paintings”



December 2024


Noelle Argenti

“Photos by Noelle”


Maine Children's Book Illustrators Gallery

The KFL Maine Children’s Book Illustrators Gallery, houses original works of art from children’s books by Maine illustrators. Represented artists include Barbara Cooney, Dahlov Ipcar and Kevin Hawkes. It was created in 1995, following the expansion of the Library, and is a wonderful means of educating patrons of the richness and diversity of Maine artists. It also serves to promote literacy by presenting literature in a visual form to the young and young at heart. The Gallery is located on the lower floor in the Library and is open to the public whenever the library is open.

Pictured above is a photograph of the Maine Children’s Book Illustrators Gallery, with benches below for patrons to have a seated view of the art.

Exhibit Applications, Policy, and Procedures




Dear Artists,


The Kennebunk Free Library’s Speers Gallery provides a space devoted to exhibiting artwork of local artists. Located on the lower level, the Speers Gallery offers the opportunity for the general public to appreciate the arts in a manner that reflects the Library's mission to inspire and enable our communities to discover, learn, and connect.


We are currently inviting artists to apply to exhibit for a month in 2024.  In November 2023, we will convene an art committee, consisting of members from the Library and art communities, to review the completed applications and set a monthly exhibit schedule for 2024.  Please note that applications must be received by Friday, October 27, 2023.


Our application form and exhibit policies and procedures are linked below.  I hope that you will consider applying to Exhibit for 2024.  Please note that there is a $25.00 fee to exhibit and an additional fee of $10.00 to hold a reception.  Payment is not due until the month of your exhibit.  If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact me via phone 985-2173 x103 or email at mconners@kennebunklibrary.org.





Michelle K. Conners


Artist Application

Exhibit Policy & Procedures