Historic Newspapers

KFL has several newspaper publications available for public research. The follow listing contains the titles, dates, and formats of our holdings.

Title                                    Date Range Format                  
Weekly Visiter 1813-1820 Microfilm
Kennebunk Gazette 1822-1842 Digital* - Click here
Eastern Star 1877-1920 Microfilm (1903-1907 missing)
National Investigator 1884 Currently unavailable- Ask librarian
The Wave 1887-1890 Digital*- Click here
Seaside Echo 1901-1907 Digital*- Click here
Kennebunk Enterprise 1904-1920 Digital*- Click here
Kennebunk Star 1921-1964 Microfilm
York County Coast Star 1965-Present

Physical papers (January-June 1965- Ask librarian)

Microfilm (July 1965- present)

In-house digital (2019-present)

(Current year is physical paper)

Maine Times 1968-1988 Microfilm (10/1977 - 09/1978 missing)
Kennebunk Post 2019-Present

Microfilm (2019) 

In-house digital- (2019-2023; Ask librarian for current year)

*KFL is pleased to have made The Wave, the Seaside Echo, and the Kennebunk Enterprise available digitally to the public with funding provided through a Maine Humanities Council Bicentennial Grant awarded in 2020, the Kennebunk Gazette through a Maine Humanities Council SHARP Project Grant awarded in 2022, and via partnerships with Osher Map Library for digitization and with the Maine State Library for hosting.


Microfilmed and in-house digital newspapers may be accessed during the library's open hours. Visit the circulation desk to obtain the microfilm reels for the dates you would like to use. The microfilm reader may be reserved in advance for two-hour research slots or may be accessed on a walk-in basis (availability not guranteed).

In-house digital access can be had on our public computers. Ask at the circulation desk for the digital files. Public computers may be reserved in advance for one hour sessions or may be available on a walk-in basis (availability not guaranteed).