Libraries Rock!
Summer Reading Program: June 22 - August 17
For young adults between 11-18. No Registration Required. Town Residency is not required.
KFL's Teen Summer Reading Program involves participants earning scratch tickets for using the library throughout the summer. 
How to Earn Scratch Tickets
Check Out Materials: 1 ticket per check out transaction (not each item.) LIMIT 1 PER DAY. 
Attend a Library Program. Earn 2 tickets when you attend a library program.
FREE BOOK: one FREE book
BUTTON: choose a button
CANDY:  choose a piece of candy
MAKE & TAKE: make an instrument
 Not an Instant Winner? -- Enter the Raffle Drawing 
TRY AGAIN: Enter to win a raffle prize
REMEMBER: Write name and contact info on the ticket before entering a ticket in the raffle.
How do we decide what goes into the Children's Room, and what goes into the Teen Zone?
People sometimes ask what the cutoff is for titles in the Children's Room vs. the Teen Zone. At what age can children start reading the Teen Books? There is not a clear, black and white delineation. Since everyone has different values, the decision is best left up to the people who know the children best, namely their parents. Here is how we decide which titles end up shelved in the Children's Room, and which are shelved in the Teen Zone.Click here for the full article.