New Teen Librarian!

The library is very excited to have a brand new Teen Librarian starting this fall. Stop by and say hi to Jon! Normally he can be found in the childrens room but expect to see him more in the Teen room in the future. Let him know what books you're excited to read or the programs you would love to see! 

2019 Teen Summer Reading Program!


We are about to launch into this years Summer Reading Program with the amazing theme of a universe of stories! Come to the library throughout the summer for space themed programs including water rockets, faking a moon landing, and making your own hydrolic lift! Every friday at 3 p.m. we will be having a program for tweens and teens ages 10 and up, check our calendar to see what we have going on! If you come in to check out a book or attend a library program you will earn a raffle ticket that you can put in for an amazing prizes! Winners will be drawn at the end of the summer! We look forward to seeing you and as always if you ever have any questions, come find Jon and he will be happy to help!

What To Read Next?

Read-alikes, In Case You Missed it and Other Book Lists

One of Jon's favorite things to do is help you find your next favorite book. So in the (near) future this page will have suggestions, displays and links to help you do just that.

In the meantime, come visit Jon at the Library to get a recommendation in person.


How do we decide what goes into the Children's Room, and what goes into the Teen Zone?

People sometimes ask what the cutoff is for titles in the Children's Room vs. the Teen Zone. At what age can children start reading the Teen Books? There is not a clear, black and white delineation. Since everyone has different values, the decision is best left up to the people who know the children best, namely their parents. Here is how we decide which titles end up shelved in the Children's Room, and which are shelved in the Teen Zone.Click here for the full article.