Welcome to Teen Services
The Kennebunk Free Library serves the diverse needs of the teen community and provides a welcoming environment for teens to experience the library. 

In September 2015, the Kennebunk Free Library welcomed Melissa West as the new Teen Librarian. She is settling into her new home here at the Kennebunk Free Library, and she plans to make changes to the teen collections and the teen programming
at the Library.

Updating the website content is one of her priorities, so please bear with her while she makes these changes.

In the meantime, check the website often, and come visit Melisa at the Library.

How do we decide what goes into the Children’s Room, and what goes into the Teen Zone?

People sometimes ask what the cutoff is for titles in the Children’s Room vs. the Teen Zone. At what age can children start reading the Teen Books? There is not a clear, black and white delineation. Since everyone has different values, the decision is best left up to the people who know the children best, namely their parents. Here is how we decide which titles end up shelved in the Children’s Room, and which are shelved in the Teen Zone.Click here for the full article.