Speers Gallery Artist
Joanna Gould February 2017 Artist of the Month

 An exhibition entitled Perceptions in Waxthe encaustic works of Joanna     Gould will be on display at the Kennebunk Free Library in the Speers Gallery   from February 1 to 28, 2017. The public is invited to view the exhibit during     regular Library hours when the gallery is not in use for library programs.          

Joanna Gould is a Maine artist working in the ancient wax encaustic technique. Fusing oil pigments and found objects with layers of translucent beeswax and damar resin, she creates works of art which have been described as dreamlike and mystical with a purest light. Highly influenced by place, her paintings are lyrically obtuse. Light and dark dance with seasonal hues and shapes suggesting nature in its most modest form.
Encaustic literally means: burning in, and any true encaustic painting involves heated wax and a process of fusing the layers. The pigment is suspended in the wax medium, and heat acts as the invisible solvent, much as turpentine acts as an evaporating solvent with oil paints. Once the wax is molten, the colors are mixed on a hot palette and when applied to the pictures are fused with heat to bind and set them.
Joanna started her creative career over 15 years ago studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Boston. Her professional design career started in corporate branding and evolved to publishing and then advertising. She later studied Landscape Architecture at The Arnold Arboretum Landscape Institute at Harvard University, and at Boston Architectural College. For the past six years she has proudly taken on the role of a full-time mother and wife. Upon building a home and family in the beautiful state of Maine, Joanna has explored different artistic mediums to feed her creative soul. Four years ago she attended a private workshop exploring encaustic painting and the myriad varieties which use this ancient medium. She has been exploring, experimenting and playing in wax ever since. Joanna is a member of Maine Women in the Arts, and Sanford/Springvale Art Association. 
 The Kennebunk Free Library is pleased and honored to be able to present the works of this talented artist.
Speers Gallery

In keeping with the Library's mission of serving the diverse cultural, informational, educational and recreational needs of the community, the Library provides space for art exhibits. Exhibit materials may be organized and presented by the Library, members of the community, and not-for-profit groups within the guidelines set forth in the Exhibit Policy below.

On April 2, 2011, the gallery was re-named the Speers Gallery in honor of Mike Speers, former Library Trustee and Friend of the Library, who was the inspiration of the Gallery.

Speers Gallery Artists for 2017
Month Artist Medium
January 2017 KFL Art Auction Fundraiser
February 2017 Joanna Gould Abstract Landscapes
Encaustic Paintings
March 2017 Kennebunk Elementary  Students Student Art Work
April 1 to 13, 2017 IB Kennebunk High Students Student Art Work
April 14 to 28, 2017 Preschool Art
Celebrating the Week of
The Young Child
Student Art Work
May 2017 Aja N Dyer Allure of Nature
June 2017 Cats Eye Images
Drew & Margaret L. Sanborn
Photographing the Book
July 2017 Fran Foy (1922-2014)
Fun People
August 2017 Watercolor Class with Dennis Rafferty
L. Roper, J. Bubar, A. Bryrnes, E. Dunham,
J. Bedard, M.E. Grady, P. Minicello
Playing With/At Color
Watercolor & acrylic
September 2017 Jon Byrer Marbled Maine
Enamel Oil on Canvas
October 2017 Liz (Elizabeth) Roper Close to Home and Far Away
Watercolor & acrylic
November 2017 Kathryn SB Davis Photography
December 2017 Kate Banks Keepsakes by Kate

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Policies and Applications

Artists are invited to submit an application for exhibit by October 15 to be considered for the following calendar year. Please read the following policy and procedures before you apply. If you have additional questions, please call the Library Director at 985-2173.