New Books
June 2015
Adult Fiction
The wonder garden Acampora, Lauren FIC ACAMPORA, L.
A god in ruins : a novel Atkinson, Kate FIC ATKINSON, K.
The water knife Bacigalupi, Paolo FIC BACIGALUPI, P.
The scarlet gospels Barker, Clive FIC BARKER, C.
Lucky us : a novel Bloom, Amy FIC BLOOM, A.
The anchoress : a novel Cadwallader, Robyn FIC CADWALLADER, R.
The well : a novel Chanter, Catherine FIC CHANTER, C.
The forgotten room : a novel Child, Lincoln FIC CHILD, L.
The royal we Cocks, Heather FIC COCKS, H.
The mercy of the night : a novel Corbett, David FIC CORBETT, D.
Piranha Cussler, Clive FIC CUSSLER, C.
Texas tough Dailey, Janet FIC DAILEY, J.
The familiar. One rainy day in May Danielewski, Mark Z. FIC DANIELEWSKI, M.
Solitude creek  Deaver, Jeffery FIC DEAVER, J.
Radiant angel DeMille, Nelson FIC DEMILLE, N.
The Death's Head chess club Donoghue, John FIC DONOGHUE, J.
Remember me this way : a novel Durrant, Sabine FIC DURRANT, S.
The hanged man Elrod, P. N. (Patricia Nead) FIC ELROD, P.
The high divide : a novel Enger, Lin FIC ENGER, L.
The Storm Murders Farrow, John FIC FARROW, J.
An untamed state Gay, Roxane FIC GAY, R.
Cry wolf Gregorio, Michael FIC GREGORIO, M.
At the water's edge : a novel Gruen, Sara FIC GRUEN, S.
The gospel of Loki Harris, Joanne FIC HARRIS, J.
Our souls at night Haruf, Kent FIC HARUF, K.
The girl on the train Hawkins, Paula FIC HAWKINS, P.
The making of zombie wars Hemon, Aleksandar FIC HEMON, A.
Fourth of July Creek : a novel Henderson, Smith (Joshua Smith) FIC HENDERSON, S.
I, Ripper : a novel Hunter, Stephen FIC HUNTER, S.
Written in the blood Jones, Stephen Lloyd FIC JONES, S.
I take you : a novel Kennedy, Eliza FIC KENNEDY, E.
Chasing sunsets Kingsbury, Karen FIC KINGSBURY, K.
Disclaimer Knight, Renee FIC KNIGHT, R.
The American people. Volume 1, Search for my heart Kramer, Larry FIC KRAMER, L.
The fall : a novel Lescroart, John T. FIC LESCROART, J.
How to start a fire Lutz, Lisa FIC LUTZ, L.
The burglar who counted the spoons : a Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery Block, Lawrence FIC M BLOCK, L.
Tail gait Brown, Rita Mae FIC M BROWN, R.
Ming tea murder Childs, Laura FIC M CHILDS, L.
Thin air Cleeves, Ann FIC M CLEEVES, A.
The harvest man : a novel of Scotland Yard's murder squad Grecian, Alex FIC M GRECIAN, A.
Star fall Harrod-Eagles FIC M HARROD-EAGLES, C.
Don't go home Hart, Carolyn G. FIC M HART, C.
Rock with wings Hillerman, Anne FIC M HILLERMAN, A.
Sidney Chambers and the forgiveness of sins Runcie, James FIC M RUNCIE, J.
The children return Walker, Martin FIC M WALKER, M.
The Resistance man  Walker, Martin. FIC M WALKER, M.
The crowded grave  Walker, Martin FIC M WALKER, M.
The dark vineyard  Walker, Martin FIC M WALKER, M.
The devil's cave Walker, Martin FIC M WALKER, M.
The enemy inside : a Paul Madriani novel Martini, Steve FIC MARTINI, S.
Minnow McTeer, James E., II. FIC MCTEER, J.
Perfect match Michaels, Fern FIC MICHAELS, F.
Double down Michaels, Fern FIC MICHAELS, F.
Girl at war : a novel Nović, Sara. FIC NOVIC, S.
Jack of spades : a tale of suspense Oates, Joyce Carol FIC OATES, J.
Make something up : stories you can't unread Palahniuk, Chuck FIC PALAHNIUK, C.
14th deadly sin Patterson, James FIC PATTERSON, J.
The last bookaneer Pearl, Matthew FIC PEARL, M.
The daylight marriage : a novel Pitlor, Heidi FIC PITLOR, H.
The remedy for love : a novel Roorbach, Bill FIC ROORBACH, B.
Gathering prey Sandford, John FIC SANDFORD, J.
Seveneves Stephenson, Neal FIC STEPHENSON, N.
England and other stories Swift, Graham FIC SWIFT, G.
The guest cottage : a novel Thayer, Nancy. FIC THAYER, N.
A spool of blue thread Tyler, Anne FIC TYLER, A.
Positive Wellington, David FIC WELLINGTON, D.
The memory painter Womack, Gwendolyn FIC WOMACK, G.
Adult Nonfiction
Where I'm reading from : the changing world of books Parks, Tim 028.9 PARKS, T.
A curious mind : the secret to a bigger life Grazer, Brian 153.8 GRAZER, B.
The road to character Brooks, David 170.44 BROOKS, D.
Converts to Judaism : stories from biblical times to today Epstein, Lawrence J. 296.7 EPSTEIN, L.
Heretic : why Islam needs a reformation now Hirsi Ali, Ayaan 297.09 HIRSI ALI, A.
Our kids : the American Dream in crisis Putnam, Robert D. 305.513 PUTNAM, R.
When parents part : how mothers and fathers can help their children deal with separation and divorce  Leach, Penelope 306.89 LEACH, P.
Privacy in the modern age : the search for solutions Edited by Marc Rotenberg 323.44 PRIVACY
The China mirage : the hidden history of American disaster in Asia Bradley, James 327.73 BRADLEY, J.
When to rob a bank : .. and 131 more warped suggestions and well-intended rants Levitt, Steven D. 330 LEVITT, S.
Dealing with China : an insider unmasks the new economic superpower Paulson, Henry M. 330.951 PAULSON, H.
The Bill of Rights : the fight to secure America's liberties Berkin, Carol 342.73 BERKIN, C.
The Constitution : an introduction Paulsen, Michael Stokes 342.73 PAULSEN, M.
Missoula : rape and the justice system in a college town Krakauer, Jon 362.88 KRAKAUER, J.
Clinton cash : the untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make Bill and Hillary rich Schweizer, Peter 364.13 SCHWEIZER, P.
In defense of a liberal education Zakaria, Fareed 370.112 ZAKARIA, F.
Where you go is not who you'll be : an antidote to the college admissions mania Bruni, Frank 378.1 BRUNI, F.
Post Office jobs : the ultimate 473 Postal Exam study guide and job finder Damp, Dennis V. 383 DAMP, D.
Atoms under the floorboards : the surprising science hidden in your home Woodford, Chris 502 WOODFORD, C.
Pluto : New Horizons for a lost horizon : astronomy, astrology, and mythology   523.4 PLUTO
Rain : a natural and cultural history Barnett, Cynthia 551.57 BARNETT, C.
Gem identification made easy : a hands-on guide to more confident buying & selling  Matlins, Antoinette Leonard 553.8 MATLINS, A.
Mars up close : inside the Curiosity mission Kaufman, Marc 559.9 KAUFMAN, M.
A history of life in 100 fossils Taylor, Paul D. 560 TAYLOR, P.
Dragonflies : magnificent creatures of water, air, and land Dokkum, Pieter van 595.733 DOKKUM, P.
Goddesses never age : the secret prescription for radiance, vitality, and well-being Northrup, Christiane 613.042 NORTHRUP, C.
The Blue Zones solution : eating and living like the world's healthiest people Buettner, Dan 613.2 BUETTNER, D.
Aging backwards : reverse the aging process and look 10 years younger in 30 minutes a day Esmonde-White, Miranda 613.7 ESMONDE-WHITE, M.
The Wright brothers McCullough, David G. 629.13 MCCULLOUGH, D.
Beyond : our future in space Impey, Chris 629.4 IMPEY, C.
The chicken keeper's problem solver Graham, Chris 636.5 GRAHAM, C.
Gluten-free classic snacks : 100 recipes for the brand-name treats you love Hunn, Nicole 641.5638 HUNN, N.
Yogurt culture : a global look at how to make, bake, sip, and chill the world's creamiest, healthiest food Rule, Cheryl Sternman 641.6 RULE, C.
The real-life MBA : your no-BS guide to winning the game, building a team, and growing your career Welch, Jack 658.4 WELCH, J.
The hermitage : 250 masterpieces   708.47 HERMITAGE
So many roads : the life and times of the Grateful Dead Browne, David 782.421 BROWNE, D.
Deal : my three decades of drumming, dreams, and drugs with the Grateful Dead Kreutzmann, Bill 782.421 KREUTZMANN, B.
Orson Welles's last movie : the making of The other side of the wind Karp, Josh 791.43 KARP, J.
Broadcast hysteria : Orson Welles's War of the worlds and the art of fake news Schwartz, A. Brad 791.44 SCHWARTZ, A.
How champions think : in sports and in life Rotella, Robert J. 796.01 ROTELLA, R.
Year of the dunk : a modest defiance of gravity Price, Asher 796.323 PRICE, A.
Waterway guide. Northern 2015 : Long Island Sound & New England waters from New Jersey to Maine   797.1 WATERWAY
The Brontë cabinet : three lives in nine objects Lutz, Deborah 823 LUTZ, D.
Neil Gaiman in the 21st century : essays on the novels, children's stories, online writings, comics and other works   823.9 GAIMAN, N.
The story of the Jews : finding the words, 1000 BC -1492 AD Schama, Simon 909.04 SCHAMA, S.
Midnight in Siberia : a train journey into the heart of Russia Greene, David 914.7 GREENE, D.
Hope : a memoir of survival in Cleveland Berry, Amanda 920 BERRY, A.
The Family Tree guidebook to Europe : your essential guide to trace your genealogy in Europe  Dolan, Allison 929.1 DOLAN, A.
Genealogy Morgan, George G. 929.1 MORGAN, G.
Tracing your Irish & British roots Quillen, W. Daniel 929.1 QUILLEN, W.
Waterloo : the history of four days, three armies, and three battles Cornwell, Bernard 940.27 CORNWELL, B.
Went the day well? : witnessing Waterloo Crane, David 940.27 CRANE, D.
First over there : the attack on Cantigny, America's first battle of World
War I
Davenport, Matthew J. 940.4 DAVENPORT, M.
A passion for Paris : romanticism and romance in the City of Light Downie, David 944 DOWNIE, D.
No good men among the living : America, the Taliban, and the war through Afghan eyes Gopal, Anand 958.104 GOPAL, A.
The quartet : orchestrating the second American Revolution Ellis, Joseph J. 973.4 ELLIS, J.
Capital dames : the Civil War and the women of Washington Roberts, Cokie 973.7 ROBERTS, C.
Spring 1865 : the closing campaigns of the Civil War Jamieson, Perry D. 973.738 JAMIESON, P.
The residence : inside the private world of the White House Brower, Kate Andersen 975.3 BROWER, K.
Bill O'Reilly's Legends & lies : the real West Fisher, David 978 FISHER, D.
Adult Biography
The life of Saul Bellow : to fame and fortune Leader, Zachary B BELLOW, S.
A fine romance Bergen, Candice B BERGEN, C.
Can't we talk about something more pleasant? Chast, Roz B CHAST, R.
Words without music : a memoir Glass, Philip B GLASS, P.
Goebbels : a biography Longerich, Peter B GOEBBELS, J.
Becoming Steve Jobs : the evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader Schlender, Brent B JOBS, S.
American wife : love, war, faith, and renewal Kyle, Taya B KYLE, T.
Pedro Martínez, Pedro B MARTINEZ, P.
Born with teeth : a memoir Mulgrew, Kate B MULGREW, K.
It's a long story : my life Nelson, Willie B NELSON, W.
The book of Joan : tales of mirth, mischief, and manipulation Rivers, Melissa B RIVERS, J.
On the move : a life Sacks, Oliver W. B SACKS, O.
The story of the Trapp Family Singers Trapp, Maria Augusta B TRAPP

Adult Large Print
The alphabet house Adler-Olsen, Jussi LP FIC ADLER-OLSEN, J.
The Cavendon women Bradford, Barbara Taylor LP FIC BRADFORD, B.
The Inn at Ocean's Edge Coble, Colleen LP FIC COBLE, C.
Day shift Harris, Charlaine LP FIC HARRIS, C.
Taken Henderson, Dee LP FIC HENDERSON, D.
The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell Klaber, William LP FIC KLABER, W.
Endangered Box, C. J. LP FIC M BOX, C.
Against the sky Martin, Kat LP FIC MARTIN, K.
Rebel queen Moran, Michelle LP FIC MORAN, M.
The accidental empress Pataki, Allison LP FIC PATAKI, A.
Early warning Smiley, Jane LP FIC SMILEY, J.
The first wife Spindler, Erica LP FIC SPINDLER, E.
Promise to cherish Younts, Elizabeth Byler LP FIC YOUNTS, E.

Maine Collection
MEC 796.5 SMITH,G Smith, George A Life Lived Outdoors: Reflections of a Maine Sportsman 2014

Adult Reference
Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.   R 331.7 ENC
Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.   R 331.7 ENC
Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.   R 331.7 ENC
Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.   R 331.7 ENC
Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.   R 331.7 ENC
Encyclopedia of native tribes of North America Johnson, Michael R 970.004 JOH

Children's Fiction
Seaglass summer Banerjee, Anjali JFIC BANERJEE
The Penderwicks in spring Birdsall, Jeanne JFIC BIRDSALL
Otherwise known as Sheila the Great Blume, Judy JFIC BLUME
Phineas L. MacGuire .. gets cooking! Dowell, Frances O'Roark JFIC DOWELL
The island of Dr. Libris Grabenstein, Chris JFIC GRABENSTEIN
Willie & me Gutman, Dan JFIC GUTMAN
The perfect place Harris, Teresa E. JFIC HARRIS
Cronus and the threads of dread Holub, Joan JFIC HOLUB
Almost super Jensen, Marion JFIC JENSEN
Listen, slowly Lai, Thanhha JFIC LAI
The curse of the king Lerangis, Peter JFIC LERANGIS
The Doll people set sail Martin, Ann M. JFIC MARTIN
Tales from a not-so-glam TV star : with Nikki Russell and Erin Russell Russell, Rachel Renee JFIC RUSSELL
The map to everywhere Ryan, Carrie JFIC RYAN
Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor Scieszka, Jon JFIC SCIESZKA
The adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi knight DiTerlizzi, Tony JFIC STAR
The screaming staircase Stroud, Jonathan JFIC STROUD

Children's Nonfiction
The Secret Galaxy Hodgkins, Fran J 523.1 HODGKINS
Discovering Dinosaurs Walters, Robert J 567.9 WALTERS
Animal Stories : Heartwarming True Tales from the Animal Kingdom Yolen, Jane J 591 YOLEN
The Pier at the End of the World Erickson, Paul J 591.77 ERICKSON
Beetle Busters : A Rogue Insect and the People Who Track It Burns, Loree Griffin J 595.76 BURNS
Treasure Hunter's Handbook Walsh, Liza Gardner J 622.19 WALSH
Fairies and Princesses Chambers, Ailin J 743 CHAMBERS
Recycling Crafts Lim, Annalees J 745.5 LIM
Unbored Games : Serious Fun for Everyone Glenn, Joshua J 790.1 GLENN
Minecraft: Essential Handbook Milton, Stephanie J 793.93 MILTON
Minecraft: Combat Handbook Milton, Stephanie J 793.93 MILTON
The Biggest Names of Video Games Kaplan, Arie J 794.8 KAPLAN
The Main Event : The Moves and Muscle of Pro Wrestling Jones, Patrick J 796.812 JONES
Firefly July : A Year of Very Short Poems Illustrated by Melissa Sweet J 808.81 FIREFLY
Angel Island : Gateway to Gold Mountain  Freedman, Russell J 979.4 FREEDMAN
Children's Biography
JB LEYSON Leyson, Leon The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible... on Schindler's List 2013
JB ROOSEVELT, T. Rappaport, Doreen To Dare Mighty Things: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt 2013
JB OHR Greenberg, Jan The Mad Potter: George E. Ohr, Eccentric Genius 2013

Picture Books
Angelina's big city ballet Holabird, Katharine JP ANIMALS HOLABIRD
Tiptop cat Mader, C. Roger JP ANIMALS MADER
On the wing Elliott, David JP BIRDS & INSECTS ELLIOTT
Noisy bird sing-along Himmelman, John JP BIRDS & INSECTS HIMMELMAN
Flight school Judge, Lita JP BIRDS & INSECTS JUDGE
Veterinarians Macken, JoAnn Early JP COMMUNITY MACKEN
One big pair of underwear Gehl, Laura JP CONCEPTS GEHL
Ten little caterpillars Martin, Bill JP CONCEPTS MARTIN
How do dinosaurs stay safe? Yolen, Jane JP DINOSAURS YOLEN
D.W., go to your room! Brown, Marc Tolon JP GENERAL BROWN
Nana in the city Castillo, Lauren JP GENERAL CASTILLO
Aqualicious Kann, Victoria JP GENERAL KANN
Zoe's jungle Murguia, Bethanie D. JP GENERAL MURGUIA
If you plant a seed Nelson, Kadir JP GENERAL NELSON
This day in June Pitman, Gayle E. JP GENERAL PITMAN
Deer dancer Ray, Mary Lyn JP GENERAL RAY
Frances Dean who loved to dance and dance Sif, Birgitta JP GENERAL SIF
Slam! : a tale of consequences Stower, Adam JP GENERAL STOWER
The tiny wish Evert, Lori JP MAKE BELIEVE EVERT
Julia's house for lost creatures Hatke, Ben JP MAKE BELIEVE HATKE
Mr. Ferris and his wheel Davis, Kathryn Gibbs JP PEOPLE & HISTORY DAVIS
A dance like starlight : one ballerina's dream Dempsey, Kristy JP PEOPLE & HISTORY DEMPSEY
Mahalia Jackson : walking with kings and queens Nolan, Nina JP PEOPLE & HISTORY NOLAN
Jubilee! : one man's big, bold, and very, very loud celebration of peace Potter, Alicia JP PEOPLE & HISTORY POTTER
Little Melba and her big trombone Russell-Brown, Katheryn JP PEOPLE & HISTORY RUSSELL-BROWN
Star stuff : Carl Sagan and the mysteries of the cosmos Sisson, Stephanie Roth JP PEOPLE & HISTORY SISSON
Winnie : the true story of the bear who inspired Winnie-the-Pooh Walker, Sally M. JP PEOPLE & HISTORY WALKER
I am a backhoe Hines, Anna Grossnickle JP THINGS THAT GO HINES
Elizabeth, queen of the seas Cox, Lynne JP WATER ANIMALS COX

Children's Easy Readers
Amelia Bedelia chalks one up Parish, Herman JE EASY READER PARISH
Pete the cat and the bad banana Dean, James JE GRADE 1 DEAN
Guinea pigs Meister, Cari JE GRADE 1 MEISTER

Children's Reference
JR 509 CONCISE Goddard, Jolyon, editor Concise History of Science & Invention: An Illustrated Time Line 2010
JR 912 NATIONAL National Geographic Society National Geographic Kids World Atlas 2013

Children's Graphic Novels
Ares : bringer of war O'Connor, George JGN 292.2 OCONNOR
Batman : the story of the dark knight Cosentino, Ralph JGN COSENTINO
Superman : the story of the Man of Steel Cosentino, Ralph JGN COSENTINO
Roller girl Jamieson, Victoria JGN JAMIESON
Escape from Lucien Kibuishi, Kazu JGN KIBUISHI
Teenage mutant ninja turtles adventures Clarrain, Dean JGN LAVIGNE
Cleopatra in space. Book one, Target practice Maihack, Mike JGN MAIHACK
Parenting Collection
JPC 618.92 AAMODT Aamodt, Sandra Welcome to Your Child's Brain: How the Mind Grows from Conception to College 2011

Young Adult Fiction
The vanishing season Anderson, Jodi Lynn YFIC ANDERSON
Season of wonder Bergren, Lisa Tawn YFIC BERGREN
Polly and the one and only world Bredes, Don YFIC BREDES
Aspen / Rebekah Crane. Crane, Rebekah YFIC CRANE
Adrenaline crush / Laurie Boyle Crompton. Crompton, Laurie Boyle YFIC CROMPTON
Just like the movies / Kelly Fiore. Fiore, Kelly, author. YFIC FIORE
The unfinished life of Addison Stone / Adele Griffin. Griffin, Adele, author. YFIC GRIFFIN
The bell between worlds / Ian Johnstone. Johnstone, Ian, author. YFIC JOHNSTONE
Mortal heart / by Robin LaFevers. LaFevers, Robin, author. YFIC LAFEVERS
Razorhurst / Justine Larbalestier. Larbalestier, Justine, author. YFIC LARBALESTIER
How it went down / Kekla Magoon. Magoon, Kekla, author. YFIC MAGOON
Hidden / Donna Jo Napoli. Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- author. YFIC NAPOLI
The kiss of deception / Mary E. Pearson. Pearson, Mary (Mary E.) author. YFIC PEARSON
Gabi, a girl in pieces / by Isabel Quintero. Quintero, Isabel, author. YFIC QUINTERO
X : a novel / Ilyasah Shabazz with Kekla Magoon. Shabazz, Ilyasah, author. YFIC SHABAZZ
Challenger deep / Neal Shusterman   illustrations by Brendan Shusterman. Shusterman, Neal, author. YFIC SHUSTERMAN
Welcome to the Dark House / Laurie Faria Stolarz. Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972- author. YFIC STOLARZ
Young Adult Nonfiction
Y 741.5 CRILLEY Crilley, Mark Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley 2012
Y 791.43 EGAN Egan, Kate Catching Fire : The Official Illustrated Movie Companion 2013
Y 954.03 DOEDEN Doeden, Matt. Darkness Everywhere : The Assassination of Mohandas Gandhi 2014
Young Adult Graphic Novel
The motherless oven Davis, Rob YGN DAVIS