Richard Rubin
WWI Researcher and Author Discusses New Book, Being Over There
Co-sponsored by Kennebunk Free Library, the Kennebunk Free Library Genealogy Group and the Brick Store Museum, this event will take place at the Brick Store Museum’s Program Center (4 Dane Street, just behind the Museum) on Saturday, June 3 at 10:00 a.m.  Books will be available for purchase through Nonesuch Books and a signing will follow the discussion.

NPR All Things Considered Interview (2013)
PBS The Great War (2017)
WCSH6 Interview (2017)

More about Richard at his website.
Islam and America in a Turbulent World
Recorded Program
Acclaimed author and University of New England professor Anouar Majid shed light on the unexamined meaning of Islam in today's world and discussed how the United States should understand and deal with a powerful religion very few people truly understand during a presentation held on March 8, 2017. View a recording here.

Upcoming Adult Programs
Monday, May 1 at 6:00 PM
Lawyers in Libraries
Free Consultations with Local Lawyers at KFL

Visit KFL for Lawyers in Libraries: Law Day 2017 on Monday, May 1 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.  An introduction to Lawyers in Libraries will begin at 5:30 and 15 minute consultations will begin at 5:45. (Please call to reserve your spot) During these consultations participants will have an opportunity to meet with a local lawyer and receive information about free resources, low-cost legal assistance and legal referrals.

The goal of the day is to provide Maine citizens with access to legal advice and information so that they are better prepared to face legal issues that arise.  Legal access is critical to a community’s well-being; an entire community suffers when neighbors and friends go through foreclosure, are not safe in their homes, or cannot afford heat or food.

“Access to justice is about fairness,” explains Hon. Andrew M. Mead, Associate Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, “so that, regardless of your income, you have access to our society’s system of justice.  When we say the Pledge of Allegiance, we close with the promise of ‘justice for all.’  If individuals lack access to legal assistance, it profoundly affects their lives, the lives of their children, and the stability of their communities.”

The attorneys present will be Laura Curtis and Bill Gallitto of Bergen Parkinson and Jeanette Durham, a solo practitioner at Maine Family Law, LLC.

Tuesday, May 2 at 6:00 PM
Maine Author Changing the Status Quo

Kennebunk Free Library is hosting Maine author Diane Dunton on Tuesday, May 2 at 6 p.m. as she discusses her new book, Living, Learning, Healing: Inspirational Stories from the Heart.  Diane Dunton knows a lot about shaking things up. In fact, changing the status quo is an integral part of the work she does with her clients. Her career in planned organizational change and human resource development has helped countless individuals, nonprofit organizations and corporations to embrace change, unlock potential, and define and achieve goals.
When she found herself prematurely widowed and facing breast cancer a decade ago, Dunton immersed herself in the creative arts, beginning a journey of emotional, intellectual and artistic exploration and healing. But it was the many personal stories told to her by others facing adversity that inspired the writing of her new book.  This collection of true stories, humorous anecdotes and heartwarming essays reveals the resilient nature of the human spirit. Regional nature photographs by Dunton are featured throughout the book, which also includes a section for personal journaling.
The stories in Living, Learning, Healing are “compelling and very, very human,” says Rev. David C. Hall, a Spiritual Life Director affiliated with the Maine Conference-United Church of Christ. “The book is like a tour guide gently drawing the reader into the simplicity and profound nature of life lived to the fullest, especially after the pain of life interrupts, and says: Pay attention!”
Author Katrina Kenison adds, “Whether grieving the loss of a loved one, confronting a difficult diagnosis, or grappling with the hard truths of lives that don’t unfold according to our best-laid plans, this beautiful book offers quiet guidance to find our way forward and reminds us that wonder, grace, and beauty are always at hand if our eyes and hearts are open.”
“All of us want personal and professional happiness,” says Dunton, “but often we find it difficult to take the action needed to realize these goals. Human beings are natural story tellers. I’ve been privileged in my work to witness first hand profound stories of change and felt compelled to share the inspiring and motivating narratives of real people who have discovered, regardless of their circumstances, how to define and create through their own actions happy and fulfilling lives.”
The book will be available for purchase the evening of the event.  For more information about Dunton and her work, visit

Tuesday, May 9 at 6:00 PM
Birds of Spring

In this photo presentation, naturalist Josh Fecteau will introduce 12 birds of spring, including a tree-nesting duck, an island-nesting gull, a highway hawk, a suburban sparrow, a wary warbler, a lesser known crow, and a bird who sounds like a cat. No experience with birds needed; curiosity required!

Josh Fecteau is a naturalist, avid birder, and wild food enthusiast. Born in Biddeford, ME, Josh maintains a website and natural history blog ( He takes pleasure in sharing his love of the wild with others by leading walks and workshops, and presenting to audiences large and small. During his Maine Big Year in 2016, Josh saw 305 species of birds!
Saturday, May 13 at 10:00 (SNOW DATE - RESCHEDULED)
Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!: 
Making the Drama of Your Family’s Civil War Years Jump Off the Pages
The Kennebunk Free Library Genealogy Group will host researcher Clay Feeter, on Saturday, April 1 at 10:00 AM.  This is a family-friendly event with audience participation so make sure to bring your kids, grandkids and questions! 
"Your Civil War ancestors' stories are always much deeper than the few lines about them that you might—or might not!— find in your family genealogy book," says researcher Clay Feeter, who gives a lively, informative, “customizing your personal War of the Rebellion” self-help talk and question and answer session on the subject.

Guests are encouraged to bring in family history notes, genealogy books, artifacts and letters of discharge papers to share at this “Ancestors Road Show” type event.

Feeter, who lives in York, has performed more than 2,300 Civil War ancestor searches over the past 20 years. His goal is to bring not just your soldier-ancestor’s stories to life, but to help you understand and discover more details about the full picture of suffering and challenges that The War of The Rebellion brought with it.

Additional Information
The event focuses on helping you expand personal stories of family members who fought in America's greatest tragedy. Even if all your genealogy says is "Killed in the War of the Rebellion," you will learn how to get those sometimes dry and hard to understand facts to jump off the pages—to enrich your family history and get basics on how to put it down in easy-to-understand ways for yourself…and your grandkids.

“It is a mistake to think that only our Civil War soldier-ancestors felt the hardships of that great conflict,” Feeter says. “The reality is that the families at home had it just as hard, if not harder; this was in fact an era that stepped up the women’s rights movement. So, from tragedy eventually came triumph by our great grandmothers who were at home, running the farm and taking care of the kids, while also working to support the war effort by canning food or making socks to send to the boys on the front.
The first portion of the April 1st KFL talk is devoted to Feeter’s presentation about those tragic Civil War years, and reviewing eye-opening personal stories that prove none of our families were left unaffected. “Thirty million Americans populated the US when the war broke out in 1861,” notes Feeter. “Most towns were small, consisting of about 2,000 people, so they were closer knit, meaning families were forever changed during the ‘Great Upheaval’ that lasted not just for the 4 long years of war, but for a generation to follow.”

Feeter notes that prior to April 1st, you will want to search your genealogy books and records; most Civil War-age men were born between 1815-1847. Every detail you already know will “help your understanding of soldier ancestors, where they fought, marched, were wounded, captured, and even where they died,” says Feeter, who believes “we will all be surprised to learn how many of our kin fought at the same famous battles, or maybe even side by side in the same regiment!” This is all valuable information to pass on to the next generations, so bring a pen and notepad!

Crafting Friends
Crafting Friends is a group that meets in the reference room the first Wednesday of each month, from 5:30-7:30. Open to the public, this group meets to socialize and work on individual and varied projects. Bring your current project and all supplies whether it be fiber work, a sewing project, paper or beading creations. As long as it can be done on your lap or small table you can bring it!  
Chair Chi
The next Chair Chi session will be held in Hank's Room on Wednesday, April 26 at 2:30. Chair Chi is a gentle exercise program that was developed to help people enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi while seated. Instructor Amber Wilson, Engage Life Director of Atria Kennebunk, will be using principles from her training to ease the mind, body and heart and enhance well being and community connection. Though geared toward seniors and adults this is a program open to all.

Community member Marian Stanton, resident Pat Gamble, resident Lucy McDonald, resident Lou MacNeill, community member Mary Crowley, and ELD Amber Wilson

Nifty Knitters at the KFL

Do you love to knit? Have you always wanted to learn? Do you have an unfinished project hidden on the closet shelf? 

Then join us for "Nifty Knitters," our new knitting and handicrafts group! This is a great opportunity to expand your skills and learn from others, about knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering, or other handicrafts while enjoying the company of others. Bring a project you are working on, or come learn from the very beginning (please bring your own supplies). Knitting help will be available.

The group will meet every Tuesday morning at 11 AM in our Reference Room. No registration is needed, just drop by for as long as you like. FMI - call the library at 985-2173 or e-mail us.
KFL's Book Discussion Group

The long-standing Adult Book Discussion Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 1 PM (no meeting in November and the 6th for Decemberin the Reference Room to discuss a variety of recent and classic fiction. Everyone is welcome to attend; no RSVP is needed. Even if you haven't read the book--there's still a lot to talk about!

Check out our book selection!  
Copies of the books and the audio books too, are available to borrow at the Library. For more information, please contact the Library at 985-2173 or email us.

Non-Fiction Book Group
We are excited to offer this alternative non-fiction book group to our patrons. We meet on the second Monday of the month, with some exceptions. For a listing of our book selections and dates, click here.
Copies of the books are available to borrow at the Library. In an effort to include our commuter friends, books may be available to borrow in audio CD format.

Trivia Questions--AND Answers!
Play for money, play for glory!
Trivia Night is held on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM in our Reference Room. Play alone or team up with friends--there's no limit on team size! Thirty questions; differing difficulty levels and subjects. Participants can either pay to play or play for free.
Pay to play: $2 a head, the winning group gets half the proceeds, KFL gets the rest. Play for free: Free, but not eligible to win cash.

We invite you to participate on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM to join in the fun and in exercising your gray matter!

Writers' Group

This group is currently full.  Please contact us for more opportunities.

KFL hosts monthly writers' group meetings for novice and experienced writers alike. Facilitated by David Morse, who spearheaded the Boothbay Harbor writers group for 15 years, the group's goal is to encourage the enjoyment of writing by providing positive feedback and constructive criticism to the writers of the group. Pencil Sharpener

The group meets year round, informally in July and August, on the second Friday of each month from 10-12 in Hank's Room at KFL. Come prepared to read your current work of prose, short story, memoir or novel and receive constructive comments from other writers. The group will be limited to eight participants. If there is sufficient interest, a second group may be formed. There is no charge.